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2014 Kitchen Design Ideas Counter Materials Currently Trending

Friday, June 14th 2013. | KITCHEN

2014 Kitchen Design Ideas – there will be such a large amount of choices for kitchen countertops which can be found on the market to you personally when updating your area it may be overwhelming and hard to confirm what vogue is the most beneficial fit specifically for your own personal families’ desires. home decor isn’t unlike fashion. there will be classics with appearance that stand the test of time a lifetime and there will be trends that return and go. usually, life lifetime of 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas last under 10 years, thus when creating your dream kitchen you need to take into account a look that stand the test of time the course of its time. thus now you’re likely to to have an upgrade and you’ve given careful consideration within your appliances and therefore the overall look, however what quantity have you thought concerning your counters ? what quantity do you will know concerning the choices on the market to you personally ? there’s additional to your counter than granite or marble nowadays. though they’re still wildly in style i’d prefer to provide other suggestions which can be found trending in 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas.

Modern kitchen design ideas picture 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas Counter Materials Currently Trending

1. 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas Somewhat. poured concrete

Poured concrete counters provide strength, vogue and are seemingly timeless in appearance. they will provide an all-natural, organic look for those that are wanting such with their 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas. these counters ought to be sealed well, probably a little over once, to avoid staining. poured concrete often is tinted to remain any color you wish. if sealed it’s stain resistant and often is forged and poured into any form you desire. its appearance improved with age, rather than several others that begin to appear weathered and dingy after only a few short years. whereas concrete is heat resistant the sealer isn’t and hot pots and pans mustn’t be placed directly on top of one’s concrete. likewise, cutting boards ought to firmly be used furthermore as chopping directly on onto the concrete might injury the sealant. concrete, needs only to a little degree bit of maintenance and is a really desirable choice at a really desirable worth.

Modern kitchen design image1 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas Counter Materials Currently Trending

2. Butcher block 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas

Butcher block offers a look that would be elegant nonetheless casual and environmentally friendly. her soft surfaces mean that a few maintenance is needed, however nothing that are going to firmly take up any significant quantity of time. cutting ought to firmly be left to remain done on cutting boards. a pleasant butcher block surface ought to firmly be sealed and oiled about once a month. cleanup is straightforward, requiring merely mild dish detergent as well as a light cloth or sponge. the ultimate potential negative could be that the surface, if not well maintained will dry or crack and excess water should invariably be wiped off. there will be several forms of woods with varying thicknesses on the market. butcher block is another well priced choice.

kitchen design ideas picture 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas Counter Materials Currently Trending

3. 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is all the buzz lately. what exactly is reclaimed wood ? it’s merely wood having been salvaged from older homes and barns which can be found close to be, or are, slated for demolition. reclaimed wood, merely place, could be a smart and enticing choice. reclaimed offers a look and assume that the newer butcher blocks merely can’t. reclaimed wood or a used from older timber is much sturdier compared to firmly the newer counterparts made out of younger timber. when purchasing reclaimed wood specifically for your own personal 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas you’re, in effect, doing wonders for our environment. if you’re involved concerning the environment, need a “greener” feel within your 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas and love the casual elegance that wood has to supply, you must see how you’re going to will obtain reclaimed wood product close to you.

Modern kitchen design ideas image 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas Counter Materials Currently Trending

4. Cork

It’s not simply for wine anymore ! cork could be a material that would be growing in popularity in your 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas. it’s dense, sturdy and light-weight. remember this is a sustainable product ( another sensible alternative for anyone persons who are wanting environmentally friendly alternatives ) having sound-cutting properties which could appeal to mothers of noisy kids world-wide ! the material is resistant to water and heat and actually has anti-bacterial properties. cork, it looks, is a really versatile and smart choice.

kitchen design ideas 2014 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas Counter Materials Currently Trending

5. Stainless steel

Stainless steel has an elegant, classy, attractive feel to it. it invokes how you feel relevant to firmly an up to date, modern, trend-setting material. these counter tops are resilient to water, heat and germs. eventually they’re susceptible to dings and scratches, and these surfaces show each very little finger mark, however alternative compared to firmly a regular polish and wash, these tops need terribly very little maintenance, creating it probably a really attractive and smart surface !

kitchen design ideas image 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas Counter Materials Currently Trending

6. Soapstone

Soapstone could be a natural stone that’s quarried like granite. it’s a softer surface composed principally from mineral talc, other then the styles used for 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas counter tops are typically sturdier as these contain additional quartz. this can build it a suitable choice obtain a 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas surface. the colour is naturally grey that darkens with age. like stainless, this material isn’t impervious to dents and scratches. soapstone has got a beautiful natural gray color, offers swish, matte feel. scratches can possibly be sanded or oiled away.

kitchen design ideas 2013 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas Counter Materials Currently Trending

7. Recycled glass

With 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas and design trends leaning towards additional environmentally-friendly choices, as noted higher than along with the use on your reclaimed wood and cork, another choice to contemplate happens to firmly be the recycled glass counter top. these generally are not merely beautiful with several colours and choices offered other then these feature a life expectancy of 50 years. these are very easy to take care of and clean other then could need to remain re-sealed each few years. whereas recycled glass does cost under granite, it is perhaps not for our budget conscious.

Modern kitchen design ideas 2013 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas Counter Materials Currently Trending

8. Pewter countertops

Pewter is truly an alloy made up of many metals. it’s fairly soft but not as sturdy as say, stainless. it’ll show nicks and dents therefore one should take a few care when engaged on this surface. it has got a beautiful look and offers a additional gentle look as in distinction onto the additional clinical look of its stainless counterpart. pewter’s dark silvery color is muted and isn’t brash like chrome. since it could be a softer material it’s simply shaped and stamped. a hammered antique look would mask the majority of the natural dents and dings that naturally occur on several 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas surfaces. whereas the design of pewter is additional of the traditional one, it might look right at home utilizing a additional modern or eclectic setting.

Modern kitchen design ideas 2014 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas Counter Materials Currently Trending

9. Slate countertops

One tends to believe of rooftops or walkways when one thinks of slate. a pure, fine-grained rock, slate is softer than granite other then more durable than marble. slate has got a naturally uneven surface that a lot of notice aesthetically appealing. several notice this notably appealing as these natural occurring dents make it a challenge to detect nicks and scratches that inevitably happen on well-used 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas surfaces. slate has got a uninteresting matte end and wouldn’t really do the material of alternative for those that like additional of the high gloss look. maintenance is simple – a straightforward wash with soap and water. slate isn’t a material conducive to bacteria build-up. to avoid staining and uneven coloring or discoloration it’s best to utilise trivets under hot pots and pans and coasters under glasses and different items containing liquid.

Modern kitchen design ideas1 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas Counter Materials Currently Trending

10. Quartz

Quartz could be a plentiful, natural occurring mineral. it one amongst the’>can be one of the most scratch resistant minerals offered, as a result of of the it’s extremely very easy to take care of and clean. wiping stains from its surface is easier than even granite, creating it a awfully desirable alternative specifically for your own personal 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas counter top. quartz wants not be sealed, has got a long lifetime and is offered utilizing a wide selection of colours. for individuals wanting a pure mineral counter top within your 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas, other then wanting to remain far from granite obtain a slightly totally different, additional unique look, quartz might be for your company !

Modern kitchen design picture1 2014 Kitchen Design Ideas Counter Materials Currently Trending

Therefore now you will know additional about a number of these fashionable materials, is there one who you wish best ? are you classic or modern by design alternative ? possibly you wish alittle on your previous and of course the new as i do.

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