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Trends Kitchen Design for 2014

Sunday, June 23rd 2013. | KITCHEN

Modern kitchen design ideas 20141 Trends Kitchen Design for 2014

Trends Kitchen Design for 2014 – i spoke with susan serra, certified kitchen designer and president of susan serra associates in regards out to the current and future trends in kitchen design. below i pose a kind queries concerning kitchen design and operations. additionally to what’s currently trending serra shares with us tips and tricks as out to the trade. she advices us where it’s wise to invest and where you will would you like to cut back on your own own spending.

What’s trending within the whole kitchen right away ?

Trends Kitchen Design for 2014 as many design philosophies are converging and mixing, leading to kitchens which are highly personal. ” serra adds “with the economy still trudging along while not a spring in its step, homeowners would you like to get smart for longevity that translates to neutral finishes for giant ticket items an example would be cabinetry, countertops and flooring. clean, modern designs with warm touches continue their popularity. i do detect a whole new interpretation of country vogue that includes the appreciation of nature and natural textures and finishes juxtaposed with a lot of simple cabinet designs. appliances with gourmet cooking features are vital ; likewise, interest in induction cooktops is surging. ”

kitchen design ideas Picture Trends Kitchen Design for 2014

Serra still sees an enormous “interest in open floor plans and therefore the social kitchen, built-in and concealed appliances an example would be blanco’s crystalline sink and flush, unframed cooktops have become famous. ” she informs that there may be a growing nterest in design sustainability and healthy cooking, that factors straight into the consumer’s purchasing choices a little more than they actually ever have in the previous. serra sees a renewed interest in “faux materials with the use of a surprisingly real look thanks to technological advancements an example would be ceramic ‘wood look’ tile and ‘natural stone look’ laminates enjoy revived interest. ”

kitchen room design Image Trends Kitchen Design for 2014

What are individuals hunting for if they redo their kitchens ?

Serra explains that individuals have totally different reasons for wanting to redo their Trends Kitchen Design for 2014, however that regarding the post half peope are hunting for convenience like the motivating issue. home cooks are hunting for appliances who have convenient features, and “cabinet access and storage should conjointly be convenient, and therefore the kitchen design overall ought out to be convenient to utilise and move around in. ” it is valuable, per serra, that “the kitchen desires to perform as effortlessly as you can under numerous methods of pressure – multiple cooks, entertaining, extended cooking sessions, social cooking and a lot of. homeowners seek to specific themselves within the personal means in terms of aesthetics and purpose and has the confidence to carry out therefore a little more than ever. ” after all, she adds that homeowners are conjointly wishing to notice “that sweet spot between smart worth and stylish merchandise of quality. ”

2014 kitchen design ideas Trends Kitchen Design for 2014

If there’s an item we should splurge on after we remodel our Trends Kitchen Design for 2014 what should it be ?

Per serra and different kitchen designers, cabinetry will be the one area to splurge on. she goes on to elucidate that “cabinetry gets used constantly as do appliances, however since cabinetry is made of wood merchandise instead of metals and glass that appliances are made of, it’s crucial that cabinetry be able to perform consistently eventually and resist wear for nearly 20 years. ” she advsies middle to high finish cabinetry as yo do get whatever you pay for and “purchasing low finish cabinetry may be a gamble. ”

Trends Kitchen Design for 2014 Trends Kitchen Design for 2014

What Trends Kitchen Design for 2014 appliance may well worth the splurge ?

Serra is aware of that the answer is indeed a subjective one since cooking “creates nourishment too as an enjoyable experience when one is in the procedure of cooking. ” serra says she would elect a serious cooking appliance an example would be an oven and cooktop, or perhaps a vary, betting on that one best fit the overall kitchen plan. she believes that “the flexibility the most cooktop’s burners to simmer or power boost, built in timers, autocook features, convection in ovens, straightforward pull out racks and precise temperature management absolutely really undoubtedly are a cook’s dream. ” technology has modernized cooking appliances that we both see nowadays. clever features, an example would be cooktops with no burners in any respect are being offered being offered by each thermador and gaggenau brands. imgine being able to place a pot wherever you wish on your own own cooktop !

Where will we cut back and save many greenbacks ?

“Appliances have made sturdy inroads toward featuring nice new technological features, sensible appearance and nice worth. ” serra states, adding that “one want not purchase the highest of one’s line appliances. beautifully built-in appliances might well be found in the dead center worth purpose who can help keep the budget in line. ” she believes that lighting prices will simply be kept reasonable. she has seen lighting fixtures, whether or not ornamental fixtures or task lighting “evolve in terms of lovely, new finishes and smart features that don’t be required to be high in cost. ” she believes that “hardware is quite straightforward to ‘cheat’ with within the whole Trends Kitchen Design for 2014. ” there’s a nice and wide choice of hardware avaible and this is usually tough to see whether or not it’s mid or high finish. she has seen even lower finish hardware fool the eye !

kitchen room design Picture Trends Kitchen Design for 2014

Are there any fashionable Trends Kitchen Design for 2014 colors trending at once ?

Serra is seeing and operating with scores of white, off whites, natural wood stains. they will continue to remain what homeowners wish in cabinetry, adding that the whites are a powerful leader. “grays, another neutral, stay upon the upswing and touches of black add sophistication within the whole variety of featured cabinetry and/or accessories. countertops tell an identical story as authentic colors and neutrals, notably warm grays, produce an understated look that allows pops of color to remain employed in the ornamental layer. ”

kitchen design ideas Image Trends Kitchen Design for 2014

What recommendation will you share for anyone close to embark connected to Trends Kitchen Design for 2014 ?

Serra strongly advises us realize a’>to identify a Trends Kitchen Design for 2014 professional and also to interview many professionals, allowing ample time to look for the ideal kitchen designer in exchange for project. “it could take a trifle longer than you expect however can be’>it is going out to be well worth the time invested. be cognizant of the ammount you can out to spend, taking into account each cost you might want to imagine. categorize these prices too as merchandise, building materials, allied professionals’ responsibilities and different details into your project management system that additionally uses a smartphone app ensuring that you might want to access any of your info at home and upon the go.

How long, approximately, can it take to re-do my kitchen ?

Serra says that “assuming it’s a total makeover, renovating a kitchen that includes a whole tear-out, maybe new windows, flooring, cabinetry, appliances and countertops, to not mention electrical and plumbing work, needs out to be fastidiously orchestrated. a project schedule obtain a medium size kitchen renovation together with these merchandise and labor will require within the whole vicinity of 6 weeks. the majority of one’s renovation will require 4-5 weeks and another 1-2 weeks to look ahead to countertops that needs out to be template after the bottom cabinets are installed. kitchens with a lot of advanced labor requirements will require longer. ”

kitchen design ideas 20141 Trends Kitchen Design for 2014

Are there any trade secrets you’re willing to share with us ?

Serra advises us to watch out regarding the design of one’s dining area. all too usually she sees the bulk of one’s focus place on onto the kitchen work area while not much though directed at the dining area. she additionally advises us to plan for ample dining area and explains that many of us can presumably want a lot of area regarding the dining area than we would possibly expect, to permit for movement close out to the table, that in her opinion greatly impacts comfort, or lack thereof.

Another bit of recommendation she shares with us it to “watch those small end samples of cabinetry, countertops and tile or another backsplash treatment ! it’s something you need to inspect a sample within the whole palm of one’s hand, and another factor altogether to view that same small sample from 3, 6, 9 feet or farther away, that translates into an entirely totally different visual experience. ”

Trends Kitchen Design for 2015 Trends Kitchen Design for 2014

Serra stresses the importance of designing the Trends Kitchen Design for 2014 area with “equal or close to equal emphasis on kind and purpose. this means that that kind will not be required to follow purpose – purpose will follow kind !” connected to final note, Serra strongly advises us to “find your perfect professional, one you might want to trust along with your home, who can listen to you personally although not ‘yes’ you, guide although not push and you’ll be on the way to some fabulous renovation. ”

kitchen room design 2014 Trends Kitchen Design for 2014

We hope this leaves you well informed and able to tackle your kitchen renovation !

With several due to susan serra, ckd, caps – president of susan serra associates, inc. : brands : bornholm kitchen | scandinavian made

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